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MMLA Annual Meeting Recap

The Merrymeeting Lake Association Annual Meeting, held on July 9 was a great success, with 110 members and friends attending and filling the Clubhouse. 

Tom O’Brien, President of the New Hampshire Lakes Association (coordinators of the Lake Host program) and Harry Vogel, Executive Director of the Loon Preservation Committee, spoke briefly about how we can protect our lake and the loons. 

MMLA member Fred Quimby, Chairman of the New Durham Milfoil and Invasive Aquatic Weeds Committee, gave a very informative talk about the ongoing efforts to contain and eradicate milfoil in the waters downstream of the dam.






After thanking board members and volunteers for their support over the past year, Mark called for the election of officers and directors for 2017.  The following were elected:  Bill Bassett - President, Chap Nystedt – Vice President, Brenda Mullaney – Secretary, Mark Sullivan – Treasurer and Board members Jan Allard, Jan Bell, Nancy Bryant, Chris Cairns, John Chapin, Susan Glenney, Sue Kowalski, Tom Mottl, Tim Roy, Walt Silva and Russ Weldon.

Mark was thanked by all for his dedicated service to the association as former Vice President for 4 years and as President for the past 4 years.

Member Interest forms were distributed at the meeting.  Thank you to the over 30 members who expressed interest in learning more about lake preservation, water testing, lake hosting, marketing and social events.

The meeting ended with a call to everyone in the room to be great stewards of Merrymeeting Lake so it can be passed on in pristine condition to the next generation. 

Merrymeeting Lake Association – protecting the beauty and quality of Merrymeeting Lake

Summer 2016

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