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Thanks to all boaters

Despite the heat, the loons nesting on Pine Point are still caring for the egg. Thanks to all who have kept a respectful distance.  The photos below were taken on 7/3.  One on the nest, the other keeping watch from the water.


MMLA Annual Meeting, July 7, 8:30 AM, New Durham Elementary School

This year’s annual meeting is the most important in recent years. Whatever happens next with the Birch Ridge land will have a lasting impact on Merrymeeting Lake – good or bad.

Concerned about problems with drainage into the lake? Property rights of abutters? Public use of conservation land? Impact of decisions on property values and taxes? Feasibility of raising such a huge sum? Then you belong at the meeting.


8:30 a.m. –  Coffee & donuts and member sign-in

9:00 to 9:30 a.m. – MMLA Annual Business Meeting (to begin promptly) Key topics: welcome and brief overview, financial review, program updates, election of officers and directors

9:30 to 11 a.m. – Birch Ridge Conservation Plan (session open to the public) Speakers to include representatives from groups such as NH State Forest Rangers, land conservation groups, state agencies, and both state and local officials

 Don’t miss this one-time opportunity to:

  • explore details involved with the purchase

  • ask questions and offer input about the conservation plan and future land use

  • understand the MMLA’s role going forward

  • play a part in the Birch Ridge conservation solution.

The future of Merrymeeting Lake is in your hands!


Loon Update - Please watch out when boating!

The Good News, Part I: Two loon chicks were sucessfully hatched by the breeding pair who nested in Elly Cove.  They are now out on the water.  Please keep an eye out for them when boating.

Good news, Part II: We have another breeding pair on Pine Point.

The Bad News: While it is believed the Pine Point pair were nesting further into the cove, like the mother who doesn't make it too the hospital in time, the loon mother ended up laying her egg on the beach.  The pair has now "nested" there and are taking turns incubating the egg. The partner off the nest will usually be seen on the water somewhere close by.

Signs have been put up and hopefully people and boats will keep a respectful distance (this does not include driving right up to the ropes/signs!). Please be careful when boating in this area. Notice how close they are to the water and try to keep large wakes from hitting this part of the beach. For those wondering, it will be another 20-25 days before we know if there will be another hatchling.











Please Join the MMLA Today

There has never been a year when membership support is more critical. The effort to save Birch Ridge will require a varietly of support actions.  You can start yours by joining today. Waiting til later in the summer will be too late!


 MMLA LakeCam - username: mmlaguest, password: mmla

2018 Annual Meeting!!!

The most important annual meeting in our history! Mark your calendar

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Saturday, July 7

8:30 AM, New Durham School


MMLA Fireworks

July 7, just after dusk


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