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Good News!

Dear Merrymeeting Neighbor,

I am pleased to let you know that The Merrymeeting Lake Association (MMLA) board has acquired the purchase rights to the Birch Ridge 2000 acre parcel above Merrymeeting Lake for $2,000,000.  We have until April 2019 to complete the transaction. We will be working this year to raise funds from various land conservation groups, state and local assistance groups, and from all lake residents to close the deal and save this key piece of land by placing it into permanent conservation.

Ten MMLA members have generously contributed $20,000 each for the deposit required to facilitate this purchase option and if not for these people the land would certainly have gone directly to a developer. The deal will be finalized once the logging operation is complete (unfortunately, stopping the planned logging was not an option)

The annual meeting will be held on the first weekend of July, where there will be a full and open discussion about the purchase.

We plan to have representatives from the NH State Forest Rangers office, land conservation groups, and local officials to discuss the plans for conservation and use of the property going forward. This will be the most important MMLA annual meeting MMLA has ever had.  We are working with the ND Elementary school to reserve the auditorium to accommodate everyone comfortably as we expect a large crowd.

MMLA 2018 membership letters will be in the mail shortly. If you have been a member in the past, thank you and please renew soon.  If you have not joined, please consider it this year. This is a key year and the MMLA exists to protect our precious watershed. Opportunities like this one would not be possible without your continued support and membership.

Additional details will be provided in the annual MMLA newsletter. 

Bill Bassett
President, MMLA

PS: The applicable parcels can be seen by viewing the picture at the top of this page, or going to and typing "DILLON INVESTMENTS" in the search box.


MMLA LakeCam is Back!

The marina network reconfiguration is complete and the LakeCam is now back! The first time you click on the link above, you will be asked for a username: mmlaguest and a password: mmla . If your internet browser allows you to store this info, I suggest you do so and you won't need to enter this information again.

Also, please be considerate to your neighbors and friends on this website. Don't start the video stream and leave it going for long periods of time. The camera server has limited bandwidth and concurrent link capabilities.  Too many concurrent users may cause all to be locked out.

We may upgrade the camera to a better, high-def, version if we can entice enough members to join in 2017 and beyond.  If you enjoy this service, please renew your membership if you have not done so.  Your dues support our ability to provide services such as this one.


2018 Membership Renewals

Membership renewal information will be posted in early May


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