NH House Bill 137

Wake boat use is growing in popularity on lakes of all sizes throughout NH, and some of our lake residents have expressed concern about the possible environmental effects of this sport on Merrymeeting Lake—particularly with regard to shoreline erosion. 

To address concerns received from throughout the state, NH House Bill 137 was passed this year to establish a wake boat study commission. 

The committee is comprised of a 15 member group with well balanced representation, including (among others); The NH Lakes Association, Water Sports Industry Association, a lake resident representing a lake of more than 1000 acres, resident from a lake of less than 1000 acres,  Marine Patrol, Dept. of Environmental Services, NH Campground Owners Association and USA Water Ski & Wake Sports NH. A complete list of members are available in the Study Committee Details link.

We encourage interested MMLA members to follow the progress of this commission.

Following are links to information:

Study Committee Details:


HB 137 Docket and Status- for monitoring of the status of the bill:


NH Lakes Association

The commission will thoroughly explore this issue and are expected to report their findings and recommendations in the fall of 2020.