Lake Level

Water now topping dam boards, first water testing temps of 2021

The first water testing samples were taken this AM. The water temps have risen quickly over the past few days, no surprise given the weather of the past week. Thermocline is now at about 9 feet.

The lake is just about at normal, full, level. All boards are in the dam and the waves are now just going over the tops and down the sluiceway.


Docks out, Dam at Winter Level – 10/25/2020

Lake Temps, October 6, 2020

Lake Temps, September 22, 2020

The thermocline is deeper and more narrowly defined than most on the water testing team can recall. Most likely due to the long periods of little or no rain this summer. While the surface water temperatures have been dropping, the “warmer” waters have been going deeper.

Lake Temps, July 29, 2020