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Moon Over Merrymeeting - October 26-27, 2015

On the evening of October 26th, lake resident John McLaughlin posted some beautiful pictures of the moonrise over the north-eastern shore of Merrymeeting Lake.

Approximately 12 hours later, at about 7AM on the 27th, I captured these as the moon set on western shoreline


This one shows how fast the moon sets when it is close to the horizon.  The shutter speed here was 1 second, but the moon moved fast enough to blur.

On this one, the lighting has some help from Photoshop. But close to what it actually looked like. As always, while pretty, the pictures do not do justice to Mother Nature and the beauty of Merrymeeting live and in person.


Fall 2012

Hooded mergansers have been fishing on Merrymeeting Lake this late Fall.  They also arrived within hours of ice-out last Spring.

I assume these are migrating flocks as we do not see them during the Summer.

Still not much ice on the lake, but there were some slushy areas this morning.  The temps are right.  It could flash freeze quickly.

Major storm predicted tonight. If forecasts are correct, the snowmobile folks and other winter sportsfolk will have a nice base to start the winter.

Ducks on Merrymeeting

Close up of mergansers



The pictures below were taken on South Shore Road on the shoreline of Broad Cove in August. An eagle landed in a pine tree near where the photographer was sitting. How lucky for her!

Eagle in tree



Loons on the beach

These photos were sent to me by Shirley Kennedy last month, with the following information,

"6/28/12  At 5:30 PM, I took pictures of a pair of Loons, that waddle up on my sandy beach to mate, 

a rare sight in 18 years that I have lived here, next morning at 7:30 they were back on my beach again. "

A rare sight indeed. Unfortunately, their attempts at creating a family on Merrymeeting were unsuccessful this year.


Videos of Merrymeeting Loons

These videos were captured by Margaret O'Brien wheil sitting on her dock on a calm day in June.  Great videos of loons chasing fish and fishing near shore.

This Year's Loons

On Friday, I took a field biologist from the Loon Preservation Society on a boat tour of the lake to help with the loon census.  We counted 3 resident loons to date. 

This pair that has been seen out together for most of May.  They have yet to establish a nest.




The biologist had a sound box that could reproduce loon calls.  She got their attention with this one.


While watching this pair, we saw the 3rd loon "taking off" in the distance. As beautiful as they are to see, and as graceful as they are in the water, it sure does take them a long time and effort to take off! Legs and wings pumping like crazy as he "walked" across the water.

Even after all this effort he barely stayed above the water until set down again futher down the lake toward the dam.







Mother's Day Eagle

While sitting on our dock on Sunday afternoon, we saw a large bird swoop low over the water, grab a fish, and head toward the Lion's Camp beach. We weren't sure until we found him (her?) with binoculars. It WAS an eagle.

She sat on a tall, pine tree branch right on the beach, slowly eating her catch. I ran up to the house to get my camera and made it back just as she took flight.  I didn't have time to set up the shots, exposures, etc.. Just enough time to point and shoot. Here are the results.







Low Water

While the rain has helped things improve since the beginning of May, we are still 12-15" below the normal water level for this time of year. The top of this rock is usually below the surface of the water in late Spring.

Merrymeeting Lake seems to be rising slower than surrounding bodies of water. Most of them are back to normal levels.

Low water on rock


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