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and my 2 cents to bring this up to date...

The picture you mention was mine (attached), but it was a far from beautiful day, cloudy and cool as I recall. Regardless, while I appreciate the compliment and I agree with your point that the Ridge should be in the picture, it is in both. The currently proposed picture also has the area of proposed development straight ahead in the middle of the horizon. More importantly, the proposed picture is instantly recognizable as Merrymeeting and is a view that all on the lake will relate to. We want people to have an immediate reaction to seeing the picture. Unless you are very familiar with the area, my picture could be of many ridges on many lakes in the area.

Getting back to the postcard content, one suggestion I would make is to add a line where people can get more information.

"Go to for more information, to ask questions, or to discuss this key issue about the future of our community"

I'm sure that many will have questions after getting the postcard, many of the same ones that often come up; "If I do want to register, how?", "Can someone who's primary residence isn't at the lake vote?", etc. Pointing them to the website and forums would give them the opportunity to ask and get more info, and allow us to market more, without trying to cram too much information onto the card.

BTW, I've also taken the liberty to move this discussion and comments to date to the Directors only forum for those who would like to continue there.


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