Lake Level
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Lake Level - mid-August

All the recent rains have helped keep the lake level stable for most of the summer.



Water temperature and Lake Level - July 4th

What a difference a week makes! Surface almost 10 degrees warmer, thermocline is much deeper and less defined.




Daily Water Temps - June 2018

Water temperatures for most of June were flat, usually +/- a few degrees from 70.  Each time the water seemed to be warming up, the unusually cool, dry, nights would cool it down.  The air temperatures and humidity of the next week should change things quickly!


As of June 26th - Lake level and Water Temperature data



First readings May-2018

The water level was managed well over the winter. With lots of snow melt while there was still ice, more water was released to keep things level and stable.  The boards were put back to begin raising the lake level in late April, shortly after "Ice-out". One more board level (6-7") we will be at full pool.